10 Reasons To Go Camping

Friday 14 August 2015 10:37:53 Europe/London

Family Camping HolidayWe just want to put something out there, we love camping. In fact, at Snooper Ventura, we pretty much live and breathe it - and we always find ourselves getting on the defensive when someone criticises the Great British pastime. So, imagine our surprise when we saw this article in the Metro last week … And we wanted to respond.

To us, there’s nothing quite like that sense of achievement of pitching your tent, parking your motorhome or uncoupling your caravan - with a glass of something cold and watching the sun go down, but that’s not the only thing we appreciate camping. In fact, far from it!

Here is our list of the 11 things we love about camping, please take note Alice Wright!

  • 1. That sense of satisfaction you get looking at your tent after you’ve put it up, and realising this is all you need for the next few days. Plug sockets? A toaster? A bath? What are they?!

  • 2. The sheer fact that there is no Wi-Fi - sometimes, and we mean sometimes, it’s OK to switch off!

  • 3. The smell of bacon cooking on an open fire in the morning, not to mention the fact that you can eat a Full English every morning, guilt free

  • 4. Waking up when the sun comes up, or sometimes before - the article makes out like this is a bad thing!? There’s nothing quite as peaceful

  • 5. Spending quality time with the family with no TVs, tablets or internet - what’s wrong with a family game of cricket every now and again?!

  • 6. It’s perfectly normal to bring your dog/cat along with you!

  • 7. The fact that you resign yourself to the fact that it probably will rain, and looking on the bright side when it does. After all, we’re used to it…

  • 8. The fact that you don’t have to go abroad to have an amazing summer holiday. That’s right, Old Blighty has everything we need (and love)

  • 9. It’s perfectly acceptable to walk around in your pyjamas, and clean your teeth next to a total stranger. We don’t even mind the showers either…

  • 10. The sense of community that comes with camping alongside new friends and old

  • 11. Being at one with nature. Ok, so it sounds cliche, but we’re fine with that - we’re all about the great outdoors

OK, so we know there aren’t 28 reasons here, but we want to give our followers the chance to have your say. Do you disagree with the Metro article too? What do you love about camping?

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